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The research team would like to acknowledge the help and support provided by Dr. N. Muraleedharan, Director, TRA and Dr. R. M. Bhagat, Deputy Director (R), TRA for the project activities. The research team would also like to acknowledge the help and support provided by Dr. S. K. Pathak, Deputy Director (AAS), Dr. Ajit Sarma, Dr. P. Barua, Dr. B. P. Barua and Dr. (Ms.) N. Ahmed, Sr. Advisory Officers, Advisory Department of TRA, TTRI, Mr. S. K. Baruah, Sr. Advisory officer and Mr. A. Dutta, Asst. Advisory officer of the North Bank Advisory Centre, Dr. S. Sannigrahi, Sr. Advisory Officer of Cachar Advisory Centre and Dr. R. K. Baruah, Sr. Advisory officer, Dr. M. Goswami, Advisory Officer and Mr. A. K. Dutta, Jr. Advisory officer of Upper Assam Advisory Centre of TRA for assisting in organizing STG workshops and focus group sessions for the project. The project team would like to thank the garden managers and assistant managers of all the tea growing regions of Assam who have been helping us to carry out our project activities in their respective estates. Additionally, thanks go to Mr. Rajib Borpuzari, System Administrator for his ITES support to the exchange visitors from UK during the project period.