Journal Articles

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Biggs EM, Gupta N, Saikia SD, Duncan JMA, 2018. The tea landscape of Assam: Multi-stakeholder insights into sustainable livelihoods under a changing climate. Environmental Science and Policy 82 9-18

Biggs EM, Gupta N, Saikia SD, Duncan JMA, 2018. Tea production characteristics of tea growers (plantations and smallholdings) and livelihood dimensions of tea workers in Assam, India. Data in Brief (in press online)

Duncan JMA, Saikia SD, Gupta N, Biggs EM, 2016. Observing climate impacts on tea yield in Assam. Applied Geography 77 64-71

Global tea production

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Industry Linkages

  • TeamUp India
    Niladri was invited to attend this meeting to exhange ideas of future sustainability of the tea industry in Assam
  • Unilever
    Ellie was invited to visit Unilever at Colworth Science Park to talk about our research and exchange of ideas for sustainability in the tea industry for the corporation
  • Ethical Tea Partnership #TeamUp2015
    Ellie co-delivered a break-out session on climate change with Dr Selena Ahmed from Montana State University on Towards Climate-Smart Tea Systems.


Poster overview of the project
The tea plantation landscapes of Assam

Plantation managers workshop
Data collection summary
Presentation from India PI: Climate-smart agriculture
Presentation from UK PI: Tea as a sustainable landscape

Smallholders workshop
Data collection summary

Training workshop
Introduction of web-based climate advisory tool to key stakeholders: TeaCAT Workshop Report

Joint workshop held at Tufts University, Boston with Dr Selena Ahmed’s research group who are researching climate impacts on tea quality in China.