Geospatial and environmental expertise is being drawn from both institutions involved in this project.

Expertise in the UK is being administered through academics in the Global Environmental Change and Earth Observation research group. This group is part of Geography and Environment at the University of Southampton and specialises in the application of earth observation data, geographical information systems (GIS) and computational models to represent global-change impacts on society and natural resources at multiple spatial scales. The research group has advanced geocomputational and technical skills and research is multidisciplinary, with research collaborations engaging multiple world-leading institutions. The group’s applied research is extremely important for environmental management, policy-decision support, and for informing international development agendas with sustainable science. The two primary academic researchers involved on this project, Drs Ellie Biggs (PI) and John Duncan, have significant combined expertise within the fields of remote sensing and GIS, spatial analysis, water resources and (in)security, food security, climate change and monsoon analysis, and impacts and rural livelihoods.

Expertise from India is being administered through researchers of the GIS and Climate Change Research Facility. The group is part of the Soil Department of the Tocklai Tea Research Institute (Tea Research Association), a century old research institute dedicated to tea research and the only of its kind in the world. The group has a dedicated climate and GIS team working on various projects with expertise both on high end computing, GIS, climate analysis and modelling. This facility is also backed by experts in various other disciplines at Tocklai. In excess of 100 years of tea domain knowledge at the Tocklai Experimental Station provides a distinct advantage to undertake studies relating to tea crops. The primary researchers involved on this project, Dr Niladri Gupta (PI) and Sukanya Saikia, have significant combined expertise in remote sensing and GIS, hydrogeology, fluvial geomorphology, epidemiology and geospatial technologies.